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Frequently Asked Questions

What services will Small Steps ELC provide?

We offer early learning and childcare services to families for full-time care for children aged newborn to 12 yrs old. Monday to Friday from 7am to 6pm.  Spaces are filled on a first-come first-serve basis, with preference given to full time children.  

The design of the building and its spaces adhere to the widely accepted philosophy that children learn through play and exploration.  We have created safe and age-appropriate play areas for those in our care and are constantly developing new programs, games and activities that encourage creativity, self-awareness and meaningful social interaction.

We provide fresh, healthy and homemade snacks and meals following the Canada Food Guide and our licensing requirements. 

Daily learning experiences and activities are provided by Early Childhood Educators which support intellectual, physical, spiritual and social emotional development. 90% of a child's brain is developed by age 5 and research shows children learn best through play. At Small Steps Early Learning centre we follow the Play & Exploration curriculum as provided by the Saskatchewan Ministry of Education. The educators stimulate and nurture little brains by providing essential learning experiences though play in a positive and enriched environment. 

Will my preschool aged child and my toddler be able to interact with each other during the day?

There are separate rooms with age-appropriate toys, furniture and programs for each of the toddler and preschool age groups.  With that said, there are opportunities throughout the day, such as outdoor play, excursions, and sometimes quiet-time in the afternoons for siblings from different age groups to interact with each other. We do our best to ensure ease of transition into the early learning centre and try to accommodate the needs of each individual child and family. 

What are the qualifications of the staff at the facility?

Small Steps ELC is licenced by the Minisrty of Education. As an early learning centre, liscensed and regulated by the Ministry of Education, we are required to meet specific criteria outlined by the ministry in regards to staff qualifications. Our staff are certified Early Childhood Educators with varying levels of education.  All staff are provided with, and encouraged to attend professional development opportunities as they come avaiable. Staff are required to have First aid and CPR certificates and the majority have a Safe Food Handling certificate.

How do children get to and from school?

We do our best to walk the school-age children to and from school.  There are times when the weather or other circumstances may prevent us from doing so, at which point alternate arrangements must be made by the family.


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